Art craft

Looking for a gift, a work of art made in the Forcalquier – Lure mountain area?
Meet artists, see galleries and art workshops.

  • This website is dedicated to all creators who bring things to life 

    Art workshops network is very strong.
    The artists and craftsmen are not present only in the Summer. They live here all year round and contribute to making the region a place for freedom of expression and creation.

    You will find the following in this website :

    ▶  Agenda of artistic activities (exhibitions, internships, workshops, etc.)
    ▶  Artist Portraits
    ▶  Thematic Circuits
    ▶  Geolocation
    ▶  Search engine

    Native people of Haute-Provence or newcomers, a multitude of art workshops, together adorn the Forcalquier and Lure mountain Region and make it pulsate to the rhythm of their creations : the high quality Made in Haute-Provence!

  • The workshop association ( Les Ateliers )

    There are more than 70 artists, visual artists, craftsmen (only on Forcalquier!).

    A brand new route has been created on a map available at the Tourist Office which allows you to discover the town, meet artists and craftsmen in their workshops.
    Specific events take place several times a year in the old center of Forcalquier !