Discover one of the purest blue skies of Europe in the Forcalquier – Lure mountain area. 

“… land of stars, land of lights, where the sun shines more than 300 days per year, the blue sky is spectacular ! Once the sun is down, one of our clearest blue skies in Europe is revealed.… It is that moment where the magic comes to life !

We invite you to book your tickets for a sky discovery at the Astronomy Center of Saint Michel l’Observatoire and at the Société Astronomique of Lure Mountain.

Feet on the ground, head in the stars… Welcome under one of the purest skies in Europe !”

  • Astronomy center

    The Astronomy Center of Saint-Michel l’Observatoire guarantees a learning experience of scientific culture which welcomes school children and adults all year long.

    Throughout the year (from September to June), take part in the observation of the Sun, an evening sky discovery with a 760 mm telescope.

    During the “été astro” (from July to mid-September) the activity programme suggest more activities destinated to children, adults and school groups. You wiol find many activities: the Night of Perséides (one night in the year whrn the largest amount of stars are visible) Cinema nights etc..

    • Evening sky discovery.
      DIscover our galaxy with a team of professional. The first part of the evening takes place inside the siderostat (astronomical instrument), where the sky is presented to you with a special astronomical software. This is followed by an outside activity: laser identifying different groups of stars and observing the sky with various instruments. An unforgettable evening for the young and the old under skies of the Forcalquier – Lure mountain area.Buy your tickets here.
    • Sun observation.
      It is time to meet the Sun King. Go inside the siderostat, one of the biggest telescopes in France and learn amazing informations about the Sun.
      Incredible but true, you can even observe it without sunglasses ! Buy your ticket here.
    • Planetarium.
      It’s in lying position and in the dark that you will experience an extraordinary show ! Open up your eyes and let yourself be taken away by the stars show, planets and constellations dance on parade.
      A small space bubble for young and old ! Buy your ticket here.
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  • Observatory of Haute Provence

    • Here there are no night-time or daily observations of the sky but a guided visit of Haute Provence Observatory and his 1,93 m diameter telescope which discovered the first extra-solar planet (51 Pegasi b) in 1995 !Enter the corridors of the scientists of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) who scrutinize the skies in order to discover new horizons.

      Continue your visit on an educational path of biodiversity full of surprising information about Provencal forests.

      Buy your ticket here.

      Information : Due to Covid-19, The Haute Provence Observatory do not organize public visits in 2020.
      See you  in 2021!

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  • The Astronomical Society of the Lure Mountain

    • Evening sky discovery on the Lure Mountain
      For sure you know the natural wealth of the Lure Mountain, but did you know that you can observe the stars there?The Astronomical Society of the Lure Mountain offers all year round evening sky discovery of our purest skies.


      For more information, program and reservation click here

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  • For astronomy and hiking fans

    • Le sentier des planètes ( Planet’s path )
      Educational path which starts in the Station de Lure. During your walk, discover the 8 planets of our solar system.

      -Experienced walkers
      The path for experienced walkers takes 5 hours over 11 km with a 600m elevation high.


      -Family Special
      A special family loop of 1h30  3km with a 150m elevation high allows you to discover the first planets.

  • Chemin des étoiles ( The Star path ) of Saint-Michel l’Observatoire

    • Stroll through the old streets of the village that will lead you to a viewpoint explanation and its magnificent view of the Forcalquier – Lure mountain area. This 1 km path is marked with panels tracing the history of astronomy.
      Starting point: Rue de la Lirette.

      Guidebook: Forcalquier Tourist Office and/or Saint-Michel l’Observatoire.