Pedestrian hiking and walking paths

In the heart of a preserved natural site, over 470 km marked paths await you. 

The possibility to hike is almost indefinite:

” From an hour-long hiking session with family to a challenging 7-hour hiking, everything is possible! “Long walk, Nordic walk, secret walk with stunning landscapes, snow hiking in the Lure Mountain or hiking-bistro with a regional breakfast, there are so many possibilities for walk and hike lovers.” 

Here are some ideas for walks and hikes :

  • Mourres walks – Forcalquier: 2h15 – 7 km – 241 m elevation gain

    Immerse yourself in a place out of ordinary!
    Starting at the Forcalquier tourist office, get ready to leave for a 2h15 minutes’ walk between the Cabanons pointus and the geological site of Mourres. The well-preserved environment is remarkably beautiful, it is a breathtaking scenery.

Guidebooks and maps are on sale in the tourist office.

  • The Pré du Fau – Lure Mountain: 2h -6km -270 m elevation gain

    Starting at the Lure ski resort, cross the forest before setting foot at the peak of the Lure Mountain. Open up your eyes wide and praise the spectacular view on the Haute-Provence, the Alps and even the sea on the clear blue-sky days.
    We invite you to continue your hiking journey on the insular, restricted route : “the practice of food harvesting territory of yesterday and today”. You will get an insight into why Jean Giono wrote “Le talus qui borde la route est plus riche que l’Océanie”. No other quotation could better describe this territory where thyme, savory or santolin or the lavender fill the regional paths with fragrance.

Download the guidebook: Aromatic and remedy plants.
Guidebooks and maps are on sale in the tourist office.

  • The road of the Roman Bridge- Lure : 3h15 – 8 km – 330 m D+

    This historic path, situated on the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle road, gives the opportunity to discover Lure, classified as: ‘the town-village with caracter’, the pathway of the Bishop leads to the Notre-Dame de Vie chapel and the antique Roman Bridge. The walks on the valley of the Durance river and the Forcalquier area, are breathtaking.

Guidebooks and maps are on sale in the tourist office.

For the more experienced

The Forcalquier & Lure Mountain area is crossed by 4 major hiking tracks : the GR 4, the GR 6, the GR 97 and the GR653 D and GR of the « Giono –Lure Mountain » area.

  • The famous path the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (GR 653 D) passes between Céreste and Lure through Forcalquier to join Sisteron, the Alps and finally Italy! Hikers, pilgrim of one day or several weeks or just a stroller/loafer this path is for you. 

Looking for an accommodation, taking a snack-break or filling up your basket with local products from the morning market?  Click here !

Professionals at your disposal

  • The mountain guides offer a range of walks particular to my needs: “les petits bâtisseurs” is a place where the young and older onze could learn how to build and decorate the “cabanons pointus” (small traditional huts, from the Provence region, made out of dry masonry), with whatever the nature offers. With the “aventuriers de la pigne magique” you will gain an insight into the orientation, the environment and begin the treasure hunt.

  • The local guides (Guides de Pays) will be leading me through the walks where I will discover the local wealth, such as the Mourres rocks, a walk along the water stream.
  • I also have the possibility to take a walk with a local farmer to discover the world of agriculture e.g. how to raise and look after goats and sheep to make cheese or perhaps buffalo and zebu.

    How to cultivate truffles, einkorn wheat or lavender, but mainly also, how do we eat them.

4 results
  • Accompagnateurs en montagne de Lure

    Quatre accompagnateurs en montagne diplômés d'état, Lucie Rancillac, Jean-Bernard Letemple, Emmanuel Faure et Arnaud Poupounnot, vous proposent un programme de randonnées accompagnées sur la Montagne de Lure.

  • Association des Guides de Pays

    Nous nous attachons à mettre en valeur le patrimoine humain, architectural et naturel de notre région: villages perchés, chapelles isolées, paysages sauvages et étonnants, produits du terroir ... nous vous invitons à des voyages passionnants.

  • Lucie Rancillac - Accompagnatrice en montagne

    Accompagnatrice en montagne diplômée d'état, Lucie organise des randonnées toute l'année pour les individuels ou des groupes dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence, du pays de Forcalquier-montagne de Lure au pays de Digne en passant par Sisteron.

  • Randonnées avec Arnaud Poupounot, accompagnateur en montagne

    Arnaud est un accompagnateur en montagne passionné qui vous guide sur les sentiers de Provence et du Pays de Banon, à la découverte du terroir et de sa nature, seul ou alors en compagnie d'acteurs du territoire ou d’œuvres de littérature.



How to deal with Livestock guardian dog

Livestock guardian dog

Some hikes cross pastures grazed by herds. These are often guarded by sheepdogs (so-called livestock guardian dog) and protection dogs against predators, such as patous.

These dogs do not develop any particular aggressiveness towards humans, but since their role is to dissuade any intruder from approaching the herd, they will probably come between the herd and you, by barking. They work independently from the shepherd, and are often more than one (“pack” work).

It is therefore recommended to hikers not to cross a herd but to go around it widely. Faced with the protection dog, do not run, do not make big gestures, do not look him in the eyes (like any dog, he can perceive a fixed gaze as an aggression) stop for as long as he identifies you, stay calm and passive, do not threaten him, do not pet him.

If you are on a mountain bike, get off your bike. A fast-moving bicycle stimulates the dog’s instinct to chase and can be seen as a threat by the guard dog.

We advise you to avoid taking your pet dog to areas where herds are present. If you take it, keep your dog on a leash so that it does not disturb the herd, and is not perceived as a potential threat by the guard dogs. If the guard dogs are going towards you, place your dog behind you.

Consult the instructions “how to behave in the face of livestock guardian dog?”