Local products

Forcalquier Area & the Lure Mountain is also a place of flavours, which will tantalise your taste buds !

If this is your first visit here, we introduce you to our most precious and symbolic products : fresh and local, they leave a long lasting trace in your memory.

  • The cheese

    Throughout your walks, you will get the chance to cross paths with various flocks of sheep and goats.

    Cheese lovers, hold on to something stable when you taste “le Banon” which is also our regional cheese star. A proud PDO holder (Protected Designation of Origin), the Banon cheese is coated with thin sweet chestnut tree leaves. A sheer treasure to taste as soon as possible!

    You can also find various types of delicious goat’s or sheep cheese at the local markets and on sale at these places.

  • Alcoholic drinks and herbal aperitifs

    « It takes years to transmit the secret of the locally produced Pastis… » yes, but not any kind of Pastis! Let us tell you about the Pastis Bardouin, originating in Forcalquier. Behind the scenes at the Domaines and Distillery of Provence, the secret of the Pastis Bardouin recipe remains a hidden secret. It requires at least 65 spices and natural plants (some of which are picked on the Lure Mountain) to succeed in concocting the right character of this special drink. Can you manage to find them all?

    Start at the numerous tasting places in Forcalquier to discover all of our local drinks (Rinquinquin, Bau de Provence, Absinthe, Farigoule, etc.) The internationally recognised Pastis is to be consumed in moderation of course. To get to know the whole story of pastis, visit the Artemisia Museum where you can actually take part in the making process and help produce the real, local Forcalquier Pastis.

  • The Haute Provence Spelt (Petit épeautre IGP)

    Do you know about “Caviar grain”?
    It’s like a « tinge of light », a grain out of ordinary, a delicious taste with multiple nutritious qualities that has been part of the cereal heritage since ancient times! The quality of the “terroir” and the expertise of the producers ensure the grain is of an exceptional quality and high nutritional value.

    The main spelt produce are the flour, various types of pasta, savoury aperitif crackers, grains and even beer. All available at the “Saveurs des Truques” farm, close to Forcalquier where you can also visit the place of production. Le caviar des céréales vous connaissez ?

  • Sweet treats

    It’s at the Forcalquier Biscuiterie (specialising in local cookies/biscuits) that you can find an assortment of delights for those with a sweet tooth. As soon as you enter the shop, the charm hits you. Macarons, navette biscuits, “sablés”, calissons (made out of candied fruit and local almonds), croquants, everything has been done to stimulate your taste buds.
    Ps: We’ve been told that you can find some salty flavours too!

    Would you like to walk in the biscuit maker’s shoes? You can! The Biscuit shop and bakery hold biscuit making workshops.

    Are you a chocolate lover? The Confectionary maker Leblanc offers you the opportunity to discover and observe different workshops, taste a treat coated with chocolate, different spreads, almond aperitif and other delicious specialties.

  • A strong and appealing characteres


    The so-called “black gold” of Haute Provence (type of olive: Agland) can be found in the olive groves here. The Haute Provence Olive Oil PDO (protected designation of origin) is fruity, delicious and smooth.

    It is known as full of character, that is to say, the harmonious and persistent varied aromas mark the palate. Simply delicious…

    You can taste and discover its history at the “Ecomusée de L’Olivier” in the village of Volx and at the Moulin de Gouvan at Forcalquier.

    There is plenty of natural produce which “taste of” Haute Provence. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the honey, sweet chestnuts, truffles, lamb, and many other local dishes. 

In a Provencal restaurant or at a farm restaurant, at a “Bistrot de Pays” or at a local market, or a picnic (depending on the season), you will certainly come across some of the following: goat’s cheese, truffle omelette, pistou soup (Provencal summer soup), a rack of lamb cooked with herbs or a porcini (cep) omelette.

At aperitif time, there will always be a welcoming shady terrace, with plane, lime or horse chestnut trees which is the perfect setting to taste our local aperitifs.
Lavender, thyme, sage, savory, rosemary, santolin, mint… sometimes in the middle of winter, the smell of the strong aromatic plants are still present in the air.

Meet our local producers

6 results
  • Confiserie LEBLANC

    Au pied du Village de Banon, adossée au plateau du Contadour, entre les montagnes de Lure et du Ventoux, est installée la « Confiserie Leblanc ».

  • Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

    La Distillerie de Lure a été créée en 1898 à Forcalquier. Pendant près de 80 ans, elle a connu une succession de propriétaires dont Henri Bardouin, un homme passionné par les plantes.

  • Eliane Desblache - Apicultrice

    Productrice de miels de Provence label rouge pour le lavande et le toutes fleurs. Un rucher situé en zone naturelle sur les hauteurs du village de SIGONCE près de FORCALQUIER - Alpes de Haute-Provence

  • L'Oustau Safr'Âne

    Savons au lait d'ânesses élevées sur place. Fabrication de savons, crèmes visage, baumes, laits corporels et autres. Fabrication de produits à base de safran (gelée, confiture, vinaigre...) Voir les animaux de la ferme : ânes et ânesses, alpaga, bélier..

  • Oli d'Aqui - huile d'olive

    Huile d'olive de pays en vente directe à la ferme. Plusieurs goûts suivant de récolte et la maturité des olives donnent un choix varié. Il est conseillé d'appeler avant de venir en hors saison.

  • Saveur des Truques, petit épeautre

    Exploitation familiale, agriculture biologique, IGP.


Find all the points of sale of local products

7 results
  • Biscuiterie de Forcalquier

    Située dans une ancienne forge, notre biscuiterie vous propose une large gamme de biscuits provençaux fabriqués sur place (atelier visible de la boutique) avec des farines fermières biologiques de variétés anciennes provençales.

  • Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

    La Distillerie de Lure a été créée en 1898 à Forcalquier. Pendant près de 80 ans, elle a connu une succession de propriétaires dont Henri Bardouin, un homme passionné par les plantes.

  • La Route des Saveurs et des Senteurs

    Un itinéraire touristique incontournable, pour de belles découvertes toutes en émotion. La Route des Saveurs & Senteurs rassemble tout ce qu’il y a de bon et de beau sur notre territoire.

  • Maison Telme

    Conserverie artisanale fondée en 1947 à Oraison en Haute-Provence. La boutique est installée depuis peu sur le rempart Berluc Perrussis à Forcalquier.

  • Moulin de Gouvan

    Moulin à l'huile d'olive XV-XVIIIième siecle Visite et dégustation

  • Terre d'Oc

    Terre d’Oc, créateur et fabricant de parfums, de cosmétiques, d'huiles essentielles et de thés biologiques en Provence.

  • Unis Verts Paysans

    Point de Vente Collectif de producteurs locaux en vente directe.

  • Like a local

    You are in the area of flavor and scents, wonder around the Provencal markets and let yourself be guided by the powerful aromas of Provence.
    Every Monday, the most important regional market takes place in Forcalquier.
    Olive oil, Tapenade, Spelt, Banon cheese, Provence honey, artisanal beer, Henry Bardouin’s Pastis, etc…Total immersion in the everyday life of the people of Provence and their close connection to local produce. An unforgettable experience “made in” Forcalquier! A chance to entirely immerse yourself into the local rhythm.